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I want it all back!

January 19th, 2007 2 comments

Yeah that’s right, you heard me I want every interaction with every website that I have ever done back. It’s mine isn’t it. Even with an article that you right for an online (or not online) publication, you have the right to own a copy of it.

Here is my thought, I have a blog, I have some images that I post on Flickr, I have some links that I keep on, I have some entries that I keep in my Google Calendar or Google Documents and let’s say I have some interests I keep and comment on at one of my new favorite sites

Now I really want to get involved with a new site Dandelife but I am just getting sick of all the URL’s all of the passwords all of the different UI and bits of information that I have out there. All of the sites that I interact with are all a part of me (jeez I did not even mention YouTube). They make up the collection of information out there that is me and what I am interested in and what I know and who I interact with. I want it all back. Yeah that’s right, it’s mine and I want it back.

So I know that the ebb and flow of the Internet follows many patterns that have been on going in technology in general. Terminal Computers – VT 100 (Centralized) then Personal Computers (Distributed) then Thin Clients like Flash, Flex and even Ajax applications (Centralized) …

The number of “social networking” sites out there is so staggering and the landscape is so saturated it is hard for good ideas to get any real traction. There are more applications out there then there is attention time available. Participation applications are popping up all over the place and it becomes more difficult each day to spend quality time interacting with your peers on particular subjects.

Solution – lets shift the paradigm here. Let’s get this whole home computer piece working in the reverse direction. Let me keep all of my data on my machine in my on way. My videos, my posts, my pictures, my responses etc… After all they are mine. Then let me choose to share this information with other sites. Like this:

I go to my and find a post or a discussion thread of interest that I want to participate in, I add my comments or my thoughts and instead of the information being stored on his blog on his computer the information is on my computer in my house. The applications would talk to each other and essentially what I would be giving is the ability to subscribe to my thought. Essentially, an RSS feed of my thought with a uniqueID (URL) would be given to the post or discussion thread for it to display. In the process, some sort of service level agreement would be made between the two trusted systems which would give me rights to my thought with having rights to display the thought as they see fit (essentially a copy of the thought). This way I would keep a record of all of my interactions with the web sites out there (maybe my home computer would enter into an agreement with so that I could have a copy of the post for reference).

I like this idea, a lot, who is with me?


Social Bookmarking meets Classifieds

October 27th, 2006 No comments

So I have been using more and more these days. I am not so much using it as a place to store the links that i use on a daily basis but more like a place to store information in a global place that I will someday have time to digest. In addition, I have been very pleased with the capability to “send” links to other people.

I find sending links to other people through is such a better medium then say email, or even IM. It goes into a central repository, they know who sent it to them, they can share it with other people. It just works. I have even found myself trying to get people I know to use just so I can send them a link. It just makes sense.

Anyway I had a passing thought today. I am a bit of “whore”. I want to have more and more people in my network so I am constantly trying to convince people to get an account. Then I thought, well wouldn’t it be funny to have a place where people could post their profile and say something to the effect of:

Technology geek looking for other users to share links with. Must be versed in Web 2.0, Socially Connected, 10 + years experience with the Internet, knows the following terms: RSS, Gopher, Mosaic etc…

Kind of like a Classified or Personal Ad.

I know that I can “discover” people that have marked pages that I have also marked, but it seems a bit weird to send a bookmark to someone that I have never met or talked to before.

Just a random thought.


Social Bookmarking is expanding

October 2nd, 2006 No comments

I have been using for a bit now (around 9 months) and while I don’t seem to have the number of links that I see others having (I have two sets of bookmarks – those that I use on a daily basis and those that I like to keep in my list and share with others). Being on the road a bit, I find myself talking to others about this link or that link or this article describing this technique or whatever. And it brings me back to the early days of the Internet (boy do I wish I had my bookmarks from my first years in college) and how horrible it was to find things (before bookmarks were popular). The only way that I could find a page again was to remember the “steps” I took to get there. I not find myself “promoting” sites like to users that have either never heard of it or have never used it. Like I am some Social Bookmarking whore.

I try to describe the benefits of the process (share links with your friends/colleagues, see what other people who tagged your same pages are reading etc…) but it never really seems to catch on. I still have to send them the link via email (arrgghh). Good news is that I am starting to see a change…

When you see the following links on an article that you are reading, it is a good bet that the editors that maintain this Web site know what is going on in the world of Social Bookmarking.

digg this
reddit submit
Add My Yahoo

Above are a few of the popular links that appear on most good technology news sites. I happened to get these from a favorite of mine – New Scientist. The idea for the links above is for you to add this article (I was reading this one when it hit me) to your list of favorites and in addition to others that may share your same views.

This process is bound to increase the number of social bookmarking users out there. It however occurred to me that the above list is missing a few very popular links:

My Google
NewsGator (makers of the popular FeedDemon reader)

So I wonder how long before Social Bookmarking will become mainstream and when we will see the hundreds of sites dwindle down to several very usable sites. (more on this topic to follow)